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"Beauty comes at a deadly cost"

Genre:   Thriller/Horror and Drama

Pages:   100

Last Draft:   10/2016

Logline:A wealthy woman who’s obsessed with plastic surgery goes through an experimental procedure for fat loss and develops a deadly mutation of her mid-section which she can use to inflict damage and death on others.

Copyrighted:   Yes

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Bound By Life

You can't go back

Genre:   Psychological Thriller, Drama

Pages:   90

Last Draft:   12/2016

Logline:When a troubled military veteran looking for change decides to take the alleged strongest hallucinogenic drug in the world and consequently becomes locked in a state of dream and lucid unconsciousness, we begin to question the true meanings of life and ask where does consciousness start and death begin.

Copyrighted:   Yes

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Younger Daze

Get ready to laugh out loud

Genre:   Comedy, Coming of Age, High School Comedy

Pages:   119

Last Draft:   7/2016

Logline:   Rich, a young man trying to make a career in music
   gets constantly sidelined by his underachieving friends
   led by a chronically uncouth jerk who he cannot get rid of.

Copyrighted:   Yes

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